Acalanes High School


Celebrating our grads SAFELY during COVID-19

Friday, May 29th 4pm - Mt. Diablo Blvd

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Please help our 2020 Acalanes Graduates feel appreciated and our community feel safe! We all must adhere to 6ft clearance recommendations and wear masks at rally. If you do not feel comfortable or are immune-compromised, we will have ways you can support your 2020 Don Graduate without any risks so stay safe and stay home!


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3:00pm Setup - Oakwood Athletic Club

Seniors meet and park at their pre-assigned spot. Seniors may not drive (must be driven by guardian) and will not be allowed to socialize in parking lot. Please senior cars only, no extra families allowed in this parking area. Rally will be alphabetical.

4:00pm - Rally Starts 

South Side Mt. Diablo Blvd

El Nido Ranch Road to Risa Road:

Lafayette Elementary designated area

South Side Mt. Diablo Blvd

Risa Road to Dewing Avenue:

Stanley Middle School designated area

4:20pm - Expected Acalanes

South Section Start

South Side Mt. Diablo Blvd

Dewing Avenue to First Street:

Acalanes South designated area

South Side Mt. Diablo Blvd

First Street to Carol Lane:

Burton Valley Elementary designated area

5:00pm - Expected U-turn Carol Lane

North Side Mt. Diablo Blvd

First Street to Carol Lane:

Springhill Elementary designated area

5:20pm - Expected Acalanes

North Section Start

North Side Mt. Diablo Blvd

Happy Valley Road to First Street:

Acalanes North designated area

North Side Mt. Diablo Blvd

Risa Road to Happy Valley Road:

Happy Valley Elementary designated area

North Side Mt. Diablo Blvd

El Nido Ranch Road to Risa Road:

Community at-large designated area

6:00pm - Expected End

Disperse at Oakwood, no need to park.


2020 Car Rally - Draft.png

Frequently asked questions

Can my senior drive with their friends?

No. We desperately do not want to risk the safety of our students and community so are hoping everyone will be adhere to our rally rules which will result in a safe, community-building event that will properly honor our Acalanes graduates during these unprecedented times.

Can items be thrown from the cars?

It is expected to be a quick honoring rally, not a parade. For the benefit of our community workers and because there is no sanctioned clean-up crew, we ask that no items are thrown from the vehicles please.

Will seniors meet back at Acalanes after parade?

No, seniors and their drivers will disperse after returning to Oakwood. They will not be parking back at Oakwood upon return.

Do we need to wear masks as spectators?

Yes, we encourage everyone to follow appropriate social distancing recommendations which includes wearing masks. We expect non-family members to remain six feet apart but still ask you do wear masks for precaution.

Do the local schools have representatives at the rally?

Yes, we've asked a few people from each local lower school (Stanley Middle School, Burton Valley Elementary, Happy Valley Elementary, Lafayette Elementary, and Springhill Elementary) to act as Rally Marshall's. They will be at the corners of their school's designated areas to answer questions and help ensure we all keep a safe distance while providing a few goodies so kids can feel the excitement of cheering on effected graduates. They will wear blue lei's.

If I have kids at different schools, what section should we watch from?

Whatever is most convenient. We are asking that the main area of downtown is reserved for current students from Acalanes as they will be most excited to see their student peers. Let's all keep safe, happy distance, respect each other's areas. It's a short rally and there is no need to feel overly concerned with designated areas. The areas have been designated specifically to help with social distancing. We know the Lafayette community can rally, be respectful, be understanding and come together as a community so everyone can feel a sense of belonging during these times. Thank you in advance for showing what the community can do when acting responsibly!

How should we decorate our cars?

Please make sure you write your senior's first and last name clearly in the passenger side front window so spectators and staff can know who we are cheering and guiding. Other than that, you may use streamers, balloons, removable paint, and anything that you feel festive in showing as an Acalanes Grad. We ask that you keep things simple enough where there is no cleanup after the rally. Example car rally decorations can be found on Pinterest!

Is LPIE paying for Acalanes Dons 2020 Graduation Rally?

No, LPIE is not providing funding for the 2020 Car Graduation Rally but we are offering our support! Our Business Partners and schools work together to build a great community and we love offering our support anyway we can! We are simply hosting the content so that the community can be informed!

Who do I contact with questions about the 2020 Don's Graduation Car Rally?

Please send your questions to xxx.





Each lower grade school will be assigned a section. Help make sure section stays safe and leave no-contact rally goodies for section spectators.

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Be assigned a street section to help decorate and show spirit for the seniors.

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Follow behind (in short sections) the last car to ensure all is clean and safe!

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Assist admin with ensuring seniors are socially-distancing, in allotted slot and helped with any decorations.

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We are working with our community business partners to continue our "Community Can't Be Canceled" campaign and Paint the Town Blue. Support our local businesses by purchasing special Grad gifts and restaurant meal ideas that they have created during this time. 


Lafayette Restaurant Special Menu Information

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Lafayette Retail Grad Gift Information

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Photo by Acalanes senior Natalie Seiler


  • May 4 - Senior Speaker Series - Mike Smith

  • May 11 - Senior Speaker Series - Maya Smith

  • May 12 - Cap & Gown drive-through pickup

  • May 13 - Spring Athlete video

  • May 15 - Senior Speaker Series - Alumnae Panel

  • May 17 - Virtual Time of Reflection - 3pm

  • May 18 - Senior Speaker Series - Bob Myers

  • May 20 - Virtual Instrumental Concert

  • May 21 - Virtual Senior Awards 7pm

  • May 22 - Senior class & Teacher Zoom 3pm

  • May 22 - Senior video released

  • May 26 - Staff tribute video to Seniors released

  • May 26 - Senior virtual sunset

  • May 27 - Senior virtual drama monologues

  • May 29 - Senior car rally 4pm

  • June 4 - Virtual graduation

For complete information visit Acalanes Parent Club Senior page.