Art Fairs

2020-21 Art Fair Dates:

Burton Valley tbd
Happy Valley tbd
Lafayette Elementary tbd
Springhill tbd

The LPIE Art Fair is the highlight of elementary school students' and instructors' year together.  To ensure the selection of a broad range of art, each child has a special portfolio which remains in the classroom.  All LPIE art is placed in these portfolios and not sent home until the end of the year.  In this way, all art is available for selection for the end of year Art Fair.

We encourage art instructors to help the children make their selection of art to be displayed at the Art Fair.  With guidance, the students learn how to critique art and value their own creations.

One of the highlights of the Art Fair is the Stroke of Luck program.  Artwork is randomly selected from a raffle held during the spring LPIE Art Fairs at each elementary school.  P & L Framing of Lafayette then takes these 24 pieces (1 per grade per school) for expert and artist framing.  The framed art then travels through Lafayette for showings at places such as Town Hall Theater and the library. The beautifully framed artwork is then returned to the student to be treasured and displayed. This program would not be possible without the generous support of P & L Framing in Lafayette.