Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

LPIE is committed to operating through a lens of diversity, equity, and anti-racism. 

Our immediate action items include to: 

  1. Observe the District Diversity and Inclusion Committee meetings to inform LPIE’s efforts.

  2. Continue funding initiatives that help prioritize DEI including, but not limited to, classroom libraries, Acalanes Equity and Inclusion Teacher and the Ethnic Studies Section, parent education, and Professional Development. 

  3. Continue funding the PTA and PFC at all the schools and empower them to use these funds to address DEI at their respective sites.

  4. Build an understanding that although we do not create curriculum nor make decisions about it, we can advocate to support District priorities that are meaningful to our donors.  

  5. Maintain an ongoing dialogue with the Districts to understand their DEI initiatives and how LPIE can best support them.