Donor Testimonials

It takes all of us to maintain excellent schools. During this unprecedented year, please join us in preserving the programs that ensure our students have a well-rounded experience. Hear why these donors value LPIE!

Acalanes High School

Stanley Middle School

Quote from Stanley Parents: 

"We are supporters of LPIE because Lafayette schools need funding, especially during this challenging year in distance learning. Many critical programs that enhance the quality of our schools would not get the necessary funding without LPIE. Our daughters, one at Stanley and one at Acalanes, have benefited from these programs. For example, the technology used to stream live classes at Stanley occurs because of the support of LPIE. Generous LPIE donations enable Acalanes to offer programs, such as World Language and Visual Arts, that cultivate important skills and experiences.


We are thankful for our Lafayette schools and the support they receive through LPIE. Please join us in partnering to make an impact in the community and the future by giving to LPIE." - Brian and Eliza Veronda

Video message from Stanley Parents: 

Elementary Schools

Quote from Lafayette Elementary School Parent:

"We as parents live in one of the most amazing communities in all of CA. It's the people - and the education.  My family has benefited time and again from LPIE school resources and we can't imagine being a Lafayette family without LPIE. My daughter is 11 and she is not an artist but boy does she love her art projects which have been gracefully funded by LPIE. I've helped with the Science Fair at Lafayette Elementary over the past several years. What an incredible way for our students to showcase their creativity, science knowledge and student teamwork! All funded by the amazing powers of Lafayette Partners in Education.


Our community will continue to flourish with the resources LPIE provides to our children. Every day my daughter is on campus I witness the impact of LPIE and i hope this will continue for generations to come!" - Jennifer Barnett

Video messages from Elementary School Parents: