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Endowment Campaign


In Lafayette, we have a history of envisioning the brightest future and taking action to make it a reality. Today, we see a real opportunity to invest in that vision through the creation of a public school endowment that will ensure LPIE can continue to:

1. Provide every student with the support and enriching opportunities necessary to become engaged learners, creative thinkers, and dedicated global citizens

2. Protect our public schools from the impacts of budget cuts, unforeseen and evolving challenges, and economic uncertainties 

3. Invest in our Lafayette community, understanding the impact that great schools have on property values, local businesses, and quality of life


Over the last 40 years, Lafayette’s public schools have become some of the highest rated in the state, thanks in large part to our community’s investment in tools such as LPIE and parcel taxes. However, the unreliability of state funding year after year makes it increasingly challenging to sustain the robust education that every student deserves while addressing their growing needs to prepare for the future.


Through this campaign we are seeking to move us closer to a day when our public schools are safe from the impacts of budget cuts, unforeseen circumstances, and economic uncertainties. Our initial goal is to raise $10 million. Funds drawn annually from the endowment will act as a dependable bedrock and vital additional tool to protect and enrich our public schools.


Ten million dollars is just the start. The ultimate goal is for the endowment to grow independently so that eventually, the annual return on investment is sufficient to address the instability of public school funding. That’s the potential of an endowment. 


Serve as a stable and consistent cornerstone of LPIE’s vital annual fundraising


Provide the flexibility to strategically respond to emergent challenges, new possibilities, and innovative programs in our public schools


Create a long-term, self-sustaining revenue source 

An endowment is a new stable, secure, and self-sustaining source of funding for our public schools. The funds from an endowment will not solve the education budget problem, but the additional stability and consistency from annual returns on investment will help address both the immediate needs of our students and educators while simultaneously helping build a public school system that aligns with the global future.