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  • What is the relationship between LPIE and the Parent Organizations?
    Parent Organizations, such as PTA and PFC have a significant role. They are responsible for building community and school culture, hosting school-wide events such as walkathons, picnics, parent parties, and arranging education advocacy efforts. Parent Organizations manage some of the funds that LPIE distributes to each school, such as those for teacher funds, classroom libraries, and other school-specific expenses.
  • What is participation in LPIE and why does it matter?
    Participation directly supports the programs and experiences in our schools and funds the staff and supplies that make them happen. Beyond the dollar value, participation communicates to our children and teachers that we support them and encourages other community members to donate. Our goal is 100% participation by all Lafayette school district families.
  • How can I get involved?
    Whether serving on the board, helping on a committee, volunteering as an LPIE classroom rep, or filling a volunteer slot at an LPIE-sponsored event, there are always opportunities to get involved. Please contact the LPIE office at for more information.
  • How does LPIE reach its fundraising goals?
    LPIE relies on contributions from student families, community members, business partners, grants from civic sponsors, and all supporters of public education. While these contributions are essential, LPIE also believes that one of the most important parts of any education foundation is strengthening the community that it serves. LPIE hosts fundraisers throughout the year that bring people together in support of our schools, our children, and our community.
  • Does LPIE work with the Lafayette School District to determine curriculum?
    Decisions about curriculum fall strictly under the purview of the school districts. LPIE does not make any decisions about curriculum. Additionally, LPIE is not involved in personnel relations, hiring, or management of District employees. LPIE’s purpose is to fund district priorities, which are determined by the schools. Many of these priorities are often in jeopardy, and donations from LPIE keep them going.
  • How does LPIE support equity, diversity and inclusion?
    LPIE is committed to operating through a lens of diversity, equity, and anti-racism, working closely with the District Diversity and Inclusion Committees (DEI) which informs LPIE’s efforts. Funds raised by LPIE support the Acalanes Climate and Culture Teacher on Special Assignment, supplies for English and Social Studies classes, professional development for teachers and administrators, and classroom library books in TK-8.
  • How are LPIE’s operations overseen?
    LPIE is governed by a Board of Directors that oversees the foundation’s operation in partnership with the Executive Director and a small office staff. Our Board is comprised of parents, advisors, and district superintendents, representing all six school sites. Members of our Board bring a broad range of expertise, giving of their time willingly and working together avidly to fulfill LPIE’s mission and volunteering over 6,000 hours per year.
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