2020-21 LPIE School Chairs


 Erica Mason

Meet Erica Mason and Michelle McNeil, the LPIE School Co-Chairs for Burton Valley Elementary. Erica has a 3rd grader at BVE and 6th grader at Stanley; and Michelle has a 4th and a 2nd grader at BVE, as well as a 4 yr old who will be joining her brothers at BVE next year. LPIE is important to Erica and Michelle because it touches their children’s lives on a daily basis.  Because of LPIE, their children are exposed to so many amazing opportunities. These include a wonderful Music program, participating in unforgettable Science Labs, creating one of a kind Art, finding the perfect library book thanks to our dedicated Library Specialists, and so much more.  Due to the education funding challenges here in California, many of these enrichment programs would not be possible without the support of LPIE. Thanks to LPIE, each of these opportunities provides a true richness to their academic experiences for which Erica and Michelle are tremendously grateful! 

Burton Valley School Co-Chairs: Erica Mason & Michelle McNeil

Fundraising Reps: Lisah Kmet & Libby Dafferner

Art Fair Chairs:  Trisha Purpura & Lisa Obertello

Science Fair Chair: Lisa Furtado

PTA Rep to LPIE: Beth Evanco

McNeil 2017-5927.jpeg
Michelle McNeil


Hello from Jessica Lim,  LPIE School Chair for Happy Valley Elementary. Jessica has a daughter in TK and son in 2nd grade at Happy Valley Elementary. I recognize the utmost importance of a quality education as it provides the critical development of well-rounded students and also benefits the entire community in a myriad of ways – it’s all connected! 


LPIE is important to me because of the critical role it plays to help bridge the gap in our under-budgeted schools. LPIE supports the staff of our local schools to power the existence of art, science, music, writing, and library programs that truly enrich the learning experience for their kids every day.

Happy Valley School Chair: Jessica Lim

New Family Chairs: Amber Harley & Maxine Fisher

Fundraising Rep: Stacey Hastings

Art Fair Chair: Jennifer Palmer

Science Fair Chairs: Courtney Griffin & Blayne Feinberg

PTA Rep to LPIE: Kimberly Grover

Jessica Lim



Patricia Emerson has three boys—a third-grader, a second-grader and a soon-to-be Kindergartner. Having been a teacher in both public and private settings, Patricia recognizes the critical role that LPIE plays in an underfunded district. It is LPIE’s dedication to safeguarding the best interests of all children and to uniting the community in educating the whole child that means the most to her. She is grateful for everything LPIE does to ensure that Lafayette schools remain top performers, providing children with meaningful and enriching experiences that they will carry with them for life. Best of all, her kids love it!

Co-Chair:  Jocelyn Birrell

Lafayette Elementary School Co-Chairs: Jocelyn Birrell & Patricia Emerson

Fundraising Reps: TBD

Art Fair Chairs:  Kristin Crotty & Kristine Velasco

Science Fair Chairs: TBD

PTA Rep to LPIE: Marisa Wilson

Patricia Emerson


Peter Drevno

I’m Susan Wiggen, and I have the honor of being the LPIE School C0-Chair for Springhill Elementary this school year.  I have a 3rd grade daughter and a 5th grade son at Springhill.  LPIE continues to be a crucial part of my children’s education.  Because of LPIE, the school district is able to afford many essential programs such as Science, Music, Art, Technology, etc.  The children in Lafayette are able to get a well rounded, engaging educational programs, thanks to the hard work of LPIE, the support of the Lafayette School District, and the generous donors who contribute!  LPIE truly has a GREAT impact on our children, and I am so grateful for this amazing organization.

Co-Chair:  Peter Drevno

Springhill School Co-Chairs: Peter Drevno & Susan Wiggen

Fundraising Reps: TBD

Art Fair Chairs:  TBD

Science Fair Chair: Meghvi Roig

PTA Rep to LPIE: Jeni Kim

Susan Wiggen


Andrea Hilsabeck

Hi, I'm Tina Frechman and my husband and I have three children who benefit from LPIE. An acalanes sophomore, Stanley 8th and Happy Valley 5th grade. We also had a graduate from Acalanes who was a beneficiary of the offerings of LPIE for many years! The support LPIE provides these schools are immeasurable and irreplaceable. 

Co-Chair: Andrea Hilsabeck

Stanley School Co-Chairs: Andrea Hilsabeck & Tina Frechman

New Family Rep: TBD

Fundraising Reps: TBD

Science Expo Rep: TBD

PTA Rep to LPIE: Samar Koopah

Tina Frechman.jpg
Tina Frechman


Jennifer Palmer

Hi, I am Jennifer Palmer and serving my third year on the LPIE board, first year as Co-Chair at Acalanes. I have twin freshman daughters here at the high school and a third-grade daughter at Happy Valley Elementary. While serving on the Happy Valley Parents Club Board for many years, I saw first-hand the lack of funding from California in Lafayette’s schools and how much more LPIE provides in programs than I even knew. I cannot imagine the schools without science and engineering, not to mention the technology LPIE provides including laptops.  My girls are musicians and artists now thank you to LPIE!  I am privileged to be a part of this community and offer my time and efforts in LPIE and the schools back as a small contribution.

Laura-Kate Rurka is serving her seventh year on the LPIE Board, her fifth as co-chair at Acalanes. She has twin sophomores at the high school and 2020 graduate now off at college. Laura-Kate feels fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the committed volunteers and staff at LPIE as well as the dedicated administration, teachers, and staff at Acalanes. Having moved from another district without a strong education foundation, she recognizes the benefit of LPIE and the invaluable role it plays in our children’s educational experience. Laura-Kate is thankful to live in a community that wholeheartedly supports a well-rounded and equitable experience for all students. She believes that in these challenging times, the funding and volunteer hours provided by families and community members to our schools through LPIE will prove to be more important than ever before.  

Acalanes School Co-Chairs: Jennifer Palmer & Laura-Kate Rurka

Communications Rep: Paulie Proffett

Fundraising Reps: TBD

Billing Rep:  Nicole Dunderdale

PTA Rep to LPIE: Kelly Daggs

LK Bio Photo.jpg
Laura-Kate Rurka