Impact Stories

  • Ali Krick

A Place Where Everyone Belongs

Lunchtime at Stanley can be a special time of day for students when they can make new friends and meet others who have similar interests by participating in a variety of lunchtime clubs. LPIE Volunteer Ali Krick recently had the opportunity to connect with Brian Mangold, Assistant Principal at Stanley, and Victoria Shegoian, History, Leadership, and RAPP Teacher, to learn more about clubs at Stanley. Both are wholeheartedly committed to the success of these clubs, and their enthusiasm is contagious.

What are lunchtime clubs at Stanley?

Every year, lunchtime clubs at Stanley are created by and for students to provide opportunities to build connections and friendships by creating a space for everyone. All clubs are student driven and initiated by students based on their own ideas and interests. Club themes range from learning about birds, to cooking, to writing, to coding, to trying out dance moves from Bollywood movies, to learning martial arts, plus many more fun ideas. Every student is welcome and encouraged to join any of the 35+ clubs offered at Stanley. Students can drop in at any time and come and go as they please, as there is no commitment, just a safe place to go.

What are the benefits of clubs in a middle school setting?

Clubs help to create places where students can meet others with similar interests, interact, and have fun during lunch. Because each club is sponsored by a Stanley teacher, students also have the unique opportunity to build connections with different staff members across all three grade levels. Lunchtime can be a difficult time for some individual students, and clubs can create safe havens. Clubs help to support the overall social emotional health of students.

What is a club success story?

There are lots of success stories where a teacher has helped a student, who may not otherwise have had an opportunity to connect with others, join or create a club, and as a result, some really neat connections have been made and relationships built between students that may have not otherwise existed. It is also exciting when students recognize and fulfill a need by creating a club. A book club was formed this year by students during distance learning to help support groups of readers who could no longer meet in person in the Stanley library. Clubs are engrained in the culture of Stanley and allow teachers and students the opportunity to take actions that align with Stanley’s values of “Everyone Belongs” and “What You Do Matters.”

How does LPIE support clubs at Stanley?

Teachers who sponsor a club receive a stipend from LPIE. LPIE is proud to play a role in supporting clubs at Stanley.

Where can families find a list of lunchtime clubs and how can students get involved?

A list of clubs can be found on the Stanley Home Page under “Student Programs.” After clicking on the “Clubs” tab, a student can create a club by completing the Lunchtime Club Charter Form, view the schedule of Stanley lunchtime clubs, or join a club.

Any advice for students who may be hesitant to join a Zoom club meeting?

Bring a friend to the first club meeting! It also may be helpful to talk to a teacher to find out more about a specific club and learn more from the student(s) who created the club. Although students need to register for a club during distance learning, students can join the club Zoom meetings as often or as little as they like.

How many students participate in clubs during distance learning?

During distance learning, over 320 students have registered to participate in Stanley lunchtime clubs. Students clearly have a strong interest in connecting with each other even in an online setting. Despite this challenging time in our world, students and teachers continue to make a difference at Stanley and create a place where everyone belongs.