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Acalanes Is Truly Powered by LPIE

Powerless. We’ve all had that situation when our phone or computer was close to dead and we absolutely had to send a time sensitive email or finish an important assignment.

Now those stressful moments will be less frequent for the students at Acalanes High School, thanks to LPIE funding.

Built in the days before computers became ubiquitous and long before the existence of smart phones and tablets, Acalanes had an outlet shortage. Today’s classrooms can be designed and built to accommodate the array of electronics students now carry with them, but in the older facilities, the lack of places to power up was becoming an issue.

“As more and more students bring devices, there simply aren’t enough places to charge them. I’ll go in a classroom and there are kids sitting on the floor so they can be next to a plug, and there are phones and iPads plugged in all over the room.” said Acalanes Principal Travis Bell.

So Principal Bell tackled the problem as he always does, with a solution-driven approach and, in this case, his LPIE tech budget.

Resembling power stations travelers often find at airports, the three new charging tables he purchased for the library are Acalanes proud, bearing both the school colors and logo and, in a nod to the funding source, the “Powered by LPIE” tagline.

On a recent school day, several phones rested atop one of the stations, while the students crammed in a few minutes of study between classes. Students are welcome to use the tables anytime the library is open, during break and lunch, and before and after school, though they must remain nearby while their devices charge.

“I used to use the charging box,” said one of the phone’s owners, Colin Kirbach, “but the table is very nice and convenient. I use it whenever I’m in the library.”

James Edwards, also using the table to charge his phone, commented that he hadn’t liked to leave it at the box, which was not centrally located. “I couldn’t monitor it as well.” He said that whereas he used to leave his phone at home, he now usually charges it during the break.

“The tables are usually busiest after school,” Principal Bell noted, “because that’s when everyone has been using their phones and tablets all day.

Befitting a school that boasts both Chromebooks as well as iPads in its tech supply, the tables serve both types of device, as well as the many computers and phones students bring from home.

Now Acalanes High School is truly Powered by LPIE!


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