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April Message from LPIE President Amy Parlett

One of the questions I have received over the last few months centers on how LPIE decides what it supports at the schools. Is it the LPIE Board? The school district? The principals? Who is making the decisions? Here’s how it works.

It is actually separated into two decision processes…one for how much we estimate to fundraise for the year, and two, what exactly to fund or support.

LPIE has a Budget Commitment Committee that is comprised of representatives from each of the six schools. This group meets to discuss and recommend how much we think we can raise in the coming year. They look at a variety of factors including the current year trends and progress in each of our fundraising categories (Annual Giving Campaign, Major Donor Campaign, Community Campaign, Business and Real Estate Partner Program, Annual Event, etc). They determine if there are ideas in place for areas of new growth, which then translates into more giving. This group recommends the fundraising goals to the LPIE Board who in turn votes on it.

The second process relates to what exactly LPIE will support for the coming year. We engage in discussions with both the Lafayette School District as well as Acalanes High School. In the case of LAFSD we have several discussions on what the needs of the district are according to their strategic plan. They come up with a priority list which we then pair with how much money we think we can raise. There are subject areas that are of importance to our foundation’s roots such as science, music, and art that remain at the very core of LPIE, however, as LPIE has grown over the last 36 years we have been able to increase our giving and therefore support so many more areas during the school day.

At the high school level the budget process is two fold as well. First, we receive a request from the Acalanes District for the number of sections or classes to support (the past few years we have funded 18 classes). Second, we have a team that meets with the principal to review budget requests by department. Teachers submit what money they would like, the principal reviews and then presents his recommendations to us. Our LPIE Acalanes team looks at what we can realistically support. We then build a budget around the requests of both districts and that is what is voted on by the entire LPIE Board.

The whole process is very collaborative and involves input from the schools themselves as well as representatives from each site. In this way we are giving money to what is most needed at the schools. The funds LPIE raise directly impact the academic and enrichment education your child receives. Without them things like Science Lab teachers, instructional aides, class offerings in multiple subjects at Stanley and Acalanes, music teachers, and so much more would disappear.

One last note: we are ALL part of LPIE, and how the foundation functions is open for all to understand. Our General Board meetings are open to the public. Please do not hesitate to contact me or the office if you ever have a question.

With appreciation of your support,

Amy Parlett

LPIE President


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