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Diamond Business Partner Martin Homes

LPIE’s Business Partner program began fifteen years ago. Over that time, it has grown significantly to include just a handful of businesses to the forty-one we have today. We are lucky to have Erin and Darrick Martin of Martin Homes as one of our two Diamond Sponsors this year. They have participated in LPIE’s Business Program since 2015 and are repeat top-level supporters. Their $30,000 gift demonstrates the long-lasting partnership between the Lafayette community, businesses, parents, and LPIE.

We had the chance to ask the Martins a little about their support of LPIE. Check out what they had to say!

Why did you choose to become a Diamond Sponsor for LPIE?

Our family’s roots go back three generations in Lafayette and our schools have always been the cornerstone of our community. We want to do our part to ensure our schools continue to be what makes our community special.

Your kids are students in the Lafayette schools. What do you see as the benefits of LPIE in their education?

LPIE has enriched and supplemented our children’s education and ensured that they experience art, music, science, writing and social studies.

Tell us about Martin Homes. What would you say is unique about your team and experience?

Martin Homes Team is a unique full-service Lamorinda real estate team where unparalleled customer service, preparation and transparency are the cornerstone of our business. Our unique full-service approach handles all aspects of the sale of your home including improvements and repairs. Unlike other real estate teams, we are also licensed general contractors with a skilled full-time crew ready to prepare your home for sale.

As long time Lafayette residents, how do you see education playing such a key role in our community?

As Realtors, we see every day that families move to Lafayette for the schools. Lafayette has become a reflection of this deep-rooted commitment to education, family and community.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your business, thoughts about LPIE, or the Lafayette community in general?

We are extremely thankful for all the volunteers, donations and endless hours spent by LPIE to ensure our kids come first.

Thank you Martin Homes for your continued commitment to our schools! We are so grateful for your support!