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LPIE Art Fairs Celebrate Elementary School Artists

A wall of art displayed at Lafayette Elementary's LPIE Art Fair.

As the summer months get closer and closer and the end of the school year approaches, Lafayette’s four elementary schools each host one of the springtime’s most popular traditions – the LPIE Art Fair.

Over the last two weeks, the Multi-Purpose rooms at Burton Valley, Happy Valley, Lafayette Elementary and Springhill were all transformed into colorful art galleries packed with students and their families gathered to admire all of the works they produced during their LPIE art classes.

LPIE provided $87,500 to the TK-5 art program for the current school year, with a team of experienced LPIE instructors giving lessons on different artists and techniques.

For the annual event, each student picks their favorite piece from the year that he or she would like to exhibit during the fair, which is run solely by parent volunteers.

Lafayette Elementary parent Kerin Megibow said she was impressed with the depth of the work her two sons, kindergartner (Drew Megibow, pictured below) and 4th grader, Jake, learned during their LPIE art lessons.

“My kindergartener was so proud to show off his work at the LPIE Art Fair,” said Megibow. “His teacher shared that his confidence in his work has really increased over the year. It’s really amazing to see how much the kids can do in kindergarten and then watch each year as their abilities grow!”

Burton Valley 4th grader Brody Darin said his favorite part of the fair was seeing the art that all of his friends did over the school year.

"I enjoyed seeing all my friends' art from other classes because I don't normally get to see it," said Brody.

Lucca DeBiasse and Alex Salazar, also 4th graders at Burton Valley, expressed their appreciation for their hardworking LPIE instructors.

"We love seeing our art displayed and couldn't have done it without great LPIE teachers," they both said. The girls are pictured below proudly showing their works of art.

On Facebook, Lafayette Elementary parent and LPIE board member Eli Chan Lopez posted a photo of one of her walls covered with works of art done by her two children during their LPIE art classes.

“How pretty is my kitchen wall? Now imagine this same wall without LPIE art instruction. Looks pretty dull, right?” she wrote.

And some lucky students will even have their artwork displayed all over town thanks to LPIE’s Stroke of Luck contest, where one student per grade from each school is randomly selected to have their work included in a traveling art show. The 24 works are professionally framed by P&L Framing of Lafayette and are displayed in an exhibit that will begin December at Town Hall Theater and will rotate to different locations in the city to be announced soon.


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