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LPIE Funds Librarians & PE Specialist

We heard your voices...

We made the commitment...

Thanks to you, LPIE will fully fund the library and PE specialist positions!

But our work isn't finished.

The budget challenges we face aren't going away without drastic action. In the absence of new state funding or local tax revenue, the money LPIE provides to the Lafayette School District is essential just to maintain the current level of services for our students. In short, it's up to us.

LPIE's additional commitment for the library and PE specialists is just one part of the $3,000,000 of support that we will give the District in 2019-2020, ensuring that our students will still have instructional aides, music classes, science labs, electives at Stanley, and much more.

Your support has reassured us that we can make this commitment. Now we need your dollars to fund it. And despite the highest fundraising goal we have ever had, our per-student "ask" will not change for next year. We simply ask that you participate. Give as generously as you can. We are confident that if everyone gives something, and those who can, give more, we will reach our goal.

I welcome any opportunity to discuss how our schools are funded, why local property taxes aren't enough, and what we can do to help.

I also welcome any questions you may have about LPIE's funding priorities and how your money is spent. Please contact LPIE office for contact information.

Together, we can - and do - make a difference. Thank you!

Lisa Spiegler LPIE President, 2018-19

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