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LPIE & Parents Orgs: Stronger Together

Did you know your donations to LPIE also directly support your school's PFC and PTA? TK-8 parent orgs receive 10% of LafSD LPIE funding to manage and disperse within specific categories to support the unique characteristics of their particular school.

Samira Abrams, Liz Keyser, Katy Foreman,

Jana Hattersley, Debbie Krackeler

LPIE is fortunate to work in close partnership with the parent organizations (PTAs, PFCs, Parent Clubs) at each of Lafayette’s public schools. As part of our yearly consolidated fundraising campaign, 10% ($304K) of LafSD funding is distributed among the TK-8 parent orgs to manage and disperse within specific categories -- for example, teacher classroom funds, principal discretionary funds, DEI initiatives, and curriculum supplies and support. With this approach, the fundraising effort lies mainly with LPIE but allows for the parent orgs to manage spending in a way that supports the unique characteristics of their particular school. To illustrate, we bring you some quotes from our TK-8 parent organization presidents about specific areas of impact that these dollars provide to our students:

Samira Abrams, Burton Valley Elementary PTA President

We are so grateful in all the ways LPIE supports and funds our school needs. From sending home art supplies, science kits and musical instruments to providing diverse classroom libraries, the classroom funds that teachers greatly value, and so much more - these huge efforts allow our students to feel more connected at a distance. We can't thank LPIE, and its donors, enough for bridging the gap in school funding to make Burton Valley a special place for our community!

Jana Hattersley, Happy Valley Parent Club President

Thanks to LPIE funding, this summer and school year HVE staff have been able to dive into finding books for each grade level that have characters that reflect all of our students' unique backgrounds. This is important so that students feel represented and welcome and have a chance to relate to some of the characters they read about, as well as get to know about different customs and traditions of others. We look forward to partnering with LPIE to help our classroom libraries grow and to keep our students reading and learning.

Katy Foreman, Lafayette Elementary PTA President

LPIE funds enable our teachers to build a hands-on learning environment in each student’s home with individualized supplies and tools. They’re also able to design creative learning opportunities such as virtual field trips to Lindsay Wildlife and guest speakers which build classroom community and break up the routine. Classroom libraries have been expanded to include extra books to loan out, and technology supplies help them teach in an engaging, efficient manner each day. We simply couldn’t do this without our strong community that supports LPIE, this year more than ever.

Liz Keyser, Springhill Elementary PFC President

One of the ways that LPIE dollars are being put to work at Springhill is for hands-on science experiments that our kids can do at home. LPIE funds both the materials for the kits and the science classroom aide who is hard at work behind the scenes putting the kits together. It is inspiring to see the excitement of our students as they follow along with Mrs. Bornfleth in conducting their experiments and we are thrilled to provide this experiential learning during distance learning.

Debbie Krackeler, Stanley Middle School PTA President

An example of how LPIE’s funds are being put to use at Stanley this year is for the new student group SLAM! (Student Leaders’ Anti-racism Movement). The students are exploring issues around race, learning about how to recognize racism, and determining a plan for supporting anti-racism at Stanley. This is an essential part of our Diversity Equity and Inclusion efforts this year and would not have been possible without LPIE’s support.

Thank you to all the parent org presidents for commenting for this article. We are proud to work together to enhance the learning experience for our students in every classroom, every day!