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LPIE President Amy Parlett's October Message

Lafayette Partners in Education…or as many of you know it as the familiar and fun sounding acronym, LPIE: Have you ever thought about the name? Who is LPIE? Who are the partners?

Seven years ago the foundation switched its name from LASF (Lafayette Arts and Science Foundation) to more clearly reflect what we support. But have you ever thought about the real meaning of that name?

I pose the question because I think Lafayette Partners in Education is a perfect name for this community foundation for a number of reasons:

  1. Partnerships with parents and families: Our foundation provides funds to help strengthen the academic and overall student experience for students in Lafayette’s public schools. We work hard to message what is funded so parents understand how their children are benefitting from LPIE donations. We actively listen to what families value most in the educational experience and incorporate that into our funding plan.

  2. Partnerships with the Parent Organizations from each school: Coordination and communication with parent clubs are key to functioning smoothly and effectively. LPIE has representation from every school on its Board and each school has a team of LPIE representatives. Leadership from both LPIE and Parent Organizations meet monthly through District led groups.

  3. Partnerships with the school districts: Throughout the year we meet and discuss funding and programing to make sure what we are providing is what is most needed.

  4. Partnerships with businesses and real estate: Great schools and a thriving business district make a great community. By working together, we support both components of a special town.

  5. Partnerships with community members: Did you know we have donors who don’t even have kids in the schools? That’s right! These community members understand the power behind LPIE and how it helps create a wonderful city.

As you can see, we are all part of LPIE! We have a vested interest in the children of Lafayette, the schools, and our community. That shared goal and our work together makes us all partners in education. If you are a parent, family, business, or community member you are a partner! Go LPIE!

Amy Parlett, President


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