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May Message from LPIE President Amy Parlett

This past week I was truly touched by something I saw at Burton Valley Elementary. The school day had just ended and three girls were running a bake sale. Kids swarmed the table, money was exchanged, and treats quickly vanished (including some very refreshing lemonade popsicles which were perfect for the hot day).

This was no ordinary bake sale, though. The 4th grade girls running it were concerned about the school budget cuts next year. They were worried about the music, art, and science programs, and they decided to do something about it. The money raised is being directed to LPIE. How amazing is that?

I absolutely love this story for two reasons. One, it demonstrates that anyone and everyone can make a difference for our schools…even kids! In this case, about $150 was raised. That’s enough to pay for three art classes! Every LPIE contribution positively effects every school day, in every classroom, in every grade. Every dollar is important and these girls understand that.

The second reason this story moves me is the determination shown by the students concerning their education. They took a worry about their own schooling and turned it into action. We live in a community where children are taught that not only does education matter, but what they do matters, and they can make their school better. This is the same spirit that started Lafayette Partners in Education (LASF) 37 years ago and it makes me smile to see kids recognize the power they possess.

As the school year quickly winds down, I want to thank each and every LPIE donor, no matter how big or small. Your support has enriched the student and academic experience in every school day. Thank you for recognizing that you can and do make a difference.

Wishing you a wonderful summer break,

Amy Parlett

LPIE President


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