Meet Lauren Gibson (Gibby) - Acalanes Instrumental Music Director

Updated: Feb 7

By Kelly Daggs

Ms. Gibson, you have shared with various audiences that you love your job. Tell us a few reasons why?

My job as Instrumental Music Director is a wonderful combination of watching young people grow into themselves, and being part of a vibrant community that loves music. Music is a powerful medium to take risks, be creative and work with each other.

My students are so special and so intelligent; I appreciate the opportunity to help students at Acalanes become better humans! Music teaches emotional intelligent skills; It is incredible to experience the growth in the students throughout the years. I admire the leadership that comes from students. They are amazing!

We asked one of your students about what makes the Acalanes Instrumental Music program special to them?

The student responded that the Acalanes music program is a big community of friendly people who share a common ground, and a passion for playing music.

The student was also asked about Ms. Gibson, specifically what do you appreciate about Ms. Gibson? Gibby (that’s what we affectionately call her!) is inviting, very knowledgeable and a good leader.

Ms. Gibson, How did you decide to put your passion for music and teaching to create a career?

In college, I double majored in performance and Music education. As an undergrad, I was given the opportunity to be an Assistant conductor. It gave me a taste and beautiful insight to the “disease of the baton”! I truly enjoyed brining the group together and bringing the notes on the page to life, through music. A favorite musical selection I look forward to conducting is one that was commissioned for my mentor, Dr. Eric Hammer. Sadly, he recently passed away, so the piece has been composed in memoriam. We will play it in concert this Spring.

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