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Meet New Stanley Counselor Jennifer Montague

Meet the newest member of Stanley’s amazing Counseling Team, Jennifer Montague. Jennifer joins Mary Nolan and Tiffany Sullivan in helping our children navigate the tricky world of growth in academics, social issues, and personal and family issues while their brains and executive function skills develop. LPIE is delighted to help fund the counselors’ important work supporting our middle schoolers.

Jennifer’s background in brief

Hello! My husband and I live in Pleasanton with our two daughters. Our oldest, Isabella, is in 10th grade and our youngest, Carina, is a 9th grader.

I grew up in nearby Pleasanton and started my educational career teaching high school history. I decided to further support my students so I earned my Master's in Educational Counseling, a Pupil Personnel Services Credential, and my Certificate of Eligibility for the Administrative Credential. This year I begin my 24th year supporting students.

As a school counseling professional my primary goals are to support social growth, emotional health, and academic achievement for all students. I am dedicated to helping students achieve their highest potential! I am passionate about teaching students stress management tools and coping skills so they can learn to self-regulate and be an advocate for themselves. I am a trained Mindfulness Educator, and believe in empowering students to develop a growth mindset and that mindfulness and meditation are key to life balance.

When I'm not at school, I'm usually spending time with family and friends. I love to cook, travel, read, and play soccer.

Contact with families is very important to me! Please feel free to call or email if you would like to talk or set up a time to zoom. Please remember I am working with students so a scheduled phone or zoom appointment is the best way to talk. I have a confidential voicemail where you can leave a message. I will return your message as soon as possible.

What do you want parents and students to know about Stanley’s counseling services?

I feel very fortunate to have joined an amazing school counseling team here at Stanley. This year we are able to serve students in a new and creative way–through Wildcat Wellness! Wildcat Wellness programs include: a hosted game room Mondays at lunch, twice-weekly Academy offerings focusing on overall health and emotional wellbeing (examples include yoga, art, self-care education, and stress management skills), and a calm space on Fridays at lunch to unwind and decompress from the week.

Additionally, we are all here to support the academic and social emotional needs of Stanley students. We offer many interventions and provide a professional and safe place to process adolescent experiences and strong emotions. Initially, we meet with students individually and determine interventions and supports that they may need. We are also here to support the adults in a student's life. Students have confidentiality with their school counselor except in moments when they speak of concerns about their own safety or the safety of others. In those moments, counselors will need to seek out additional support for that student.

Wildcat Wellness Room

What is your top recommended online resource for parents?

That is a tough one as there are so many wonderful resources for parents and students! I have a top three:

The Stanley School Counseling Site

My Personal Counseling Website

The CNUSD Virtual Calming Room

What would you tell your middle-school-aged self today?

I would tell myself to learn about life balance and take the time to learn skills like meditating and being present. It is important to enjoy moments with family and friends, prioritize spending time doing the things I love, and connecting with the people around me. Life is long and we have plenty of time later to be a grown up!

Thanks for reading from your Stanley Counselors!