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Meet Your LPIE School Chairs

We are pleased to introduce LPIE’s School Chairs, an important role that serves as the liaison between your school sites and LPIE. Read on to learn more about them and why they choose to volunteer in support of LPIE. Do not hesitate to reach out to your school chairs with any questions and be sure to say “hi" when you see them around town.

Acalanes High School: Michele Colaco & Jennifer Palmer

Meet Michele Colaco and Jennifer Palmer, LPIE School Chairs for Acalanes High School. Michele has a freshman son at Acalanes and a daughter in 7th grade at Stanley Middle School. Jennifer’s twin daughters are sophomores at Acalanes and she also has a 4th-grade daughter at Happy Valley Elementary.

We have both volunteered our time to LPIE for many years because we know how vital LPIE is in bridging the funding gap at our Lafayette schools. Your LPIE donations at Acalanes support fifteen electives plus critical enrichment programs such as counseling and wellness services, college-level labs, world languages, technology, and advanced placement classes. LPIE funds department supplies and support in every subject at Acalanes. We are proud to be a part of LPIE and work closely with the Acalanes community to ensure all students have this exceptional educational experience.

Stanley Middle School: Fredi Gorham & Stephanie Asadorian

Meet Stephanie Asadorian and Fredi Gorham, LPIE School Chairs for Stanley Middle School. Stephanie has a son in 7th grade and a daughter who just started college after graduating from Acalanes in May. Fredi’s son is a 6th-grader and she also has a daughter in 4th grade at Happy Valley.

Being on the LPIE Board is important to us because we want to help keep all of the programs that LPIE supports in our schools. We feel it’s incredibly important for our middle schoolers to have more than just “the basics” and be able to explore new subjects through electives such as music, art, robotics, world languages, woodshop, and computer science -- teachers funded by LPIE! We are so grateful for all that LPIE is able to provide our middle schoolers.

Burton Valley Elementary: Ellen Stuart & Libby Dafferner

Meet Libby Dafferner and Ellen Stuart, LPIE School Chairs for Burton Valley Elementary. Libby has a son in 4th grade and a daughter 1st grade, as well as a son in 7th at Stanley. Ellen has sons in 3rd and 1st grades, as well as a son in 6th at Stanley.

LPIE is important to us because it supports our childrens’ education on a daily basis. Because of LPIE, our children are exposed to so many amazing opportunities: small group time thanks to instructional aides in their classrooms; learning to play instruments in 5th-grade music; participating in science labs; creating one-of-a-kind art; and choosing weekly library books; and so much more. As moms of kids at Stanley, we are glad that LPIE provides a wide variety of languages and electives, giving the kids a foundation to build on for high school. Thanks to LPIE, each of these opportunities provides a true richness to their academic experiences for which we are tremendously grateful!

Happy Valley Elementary: Kimberly Grover & Erin Kramer

Meet Kimberly Grover & Erin Kramer, LPIE School Chairs for Happy Valley. Kimberly has already spent 10 years in the Lafayette school district, currently having a 5th grade daughter at Happy Valley, a senior son at Campolindo, and another son at UCSC. Erin has two boys, a kindergartener at Happy Valley and a three-year-old future Husky.

We are involved in LPIE because we’re so grateful for everything LPIE provides to give our children a fantastic, well-rounded education. From the amazing specialists and aides, to investments in STEM, to the creative outlets and important electives, our Lafayette schools are top-notch in big part to LPIE. We are so thankful for our wonderful schools and supportive community!

Lafayette Elementary: Trish Emerson & Laura Wehrley

Meet Trish Emerson and Laura Wehrley, LPIE Chairs for Lafayette Elementary. Laura has twin boys in 3rd grade and a three-year-old daughter. Trish has three boys -- all at Lafayette Elementary this year -- in 4th, 3rd, and kindergarten.

We are passionate about education and don’t want our kids (or yours) to miss out on everything they deserve. We can’t imagine our teachers not having aides in the classroom or our kids missing out on special art, music, and science lessons. We are proud to work on the LPIE board to help fund our very under-funded CA schools, and help not only our own children, but help to make it possible for all children in the district to achieve an exceptional education.

Springhill Elementary: Noel Fahden Briceño & Alanna Young

Meet Noel Fahden Briceño and Alanna Young, the LPIE School Chairs for Springhill Elementary. Noel has a daughter in kindergarten at Springhill and a two-year-old son. Alanna has three boys, a 4th-grader and a 2nd-grader at Springhill and a 6th-grader at Stanley.

LPIE is important to us because it fills the gap caused by the state insufficiently funding public schools.LPIE makes it possible for our children to have weekly STEM lessons in the science lab, to exercise creativity through hands-on art lessons, and to have one-on-one time with instructional aides in the classroom to work on reading and writing fundamentals.We are also extremely grateful that LPIE funds the mental health and wellness specialists at the school, which are such important resources for all students. We are proud to be on the LPIE board to help support its mission of elevating and enriching our children’s educational experiences.