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My LPIE Story: John McCormick

Our whole family has a long history with LPIE. My wife Colleen and I moved to Lafayette 27 years ago for the great schools and the wonderful Lafayette community. When our kids were young, Colleen got a job with LPIE (then Lafayette Arts & Science Foundation, or LASF) as a science instructor teaching various science courses in the four elementary schools and Stanley. She then became the LPIE Science chair and for the next ten years, she continued to teach plus coordinated twelve other instructors that taught twenty-five different courses to Lafayette students. 

Our two kids, Emily and Scotty, went to Happy Valley Elementary, Stanley, then Acalanes.  Throughout, they were very involved in music (band, choir, and musical theater). They got to experience the amazing level of musicianship that the music teachers and all the amazing LPIE-sponsored music instructors brought to school every day.

When Colleen joined LPIE, she "recruited" me to write the scheduling system that manages the science classes, instructors, and schedule. She also introduced me to Myrna, who said she needed someone to help manage the website. Twenty years later, I am still working with Myrna making sure the website works well and solving a wide variety of technical issues. 

Eleven years ago, Colleen had an idea to open a music store in town. We saw the musical energy that LPIE, our local music educators, and all the amazing local musicians brought to our community and we wanted to be part of it. We opened Lamorinda Music back in July 2009 and we continue to have the delightful privilege of working with pro musicians, enthusiastic amateurs, and wide-eyed 4th and 5th graders renting their first instruments. What could be better?  

As a well established Lafayette family with a successful local business, we proudly continue to build ties with the community.  I am President of the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, and through Lamorinda Music, we continue our long standing relationship with LPIE as a Business partner.  Colleen and I are happy to have such deep ties to LPIE and will remain supportive for many years to come!  

John McCormick