For this challenge, you’ll need a partner. Find some household items that make noise but don’t let your partner see them! Some examples are beans or rice in a container, silverware on a plate or a ball that makes noise when it bounces. 


Set up a shield between you and your partner or have them wear a blindfold so they can’t see. This is a great activity to do over zoom with a friend! Just turn off your camera before you make the sound. 


Create the sound and have your partner guess what it is. Make the sound at least twice for your partner. Did they guess the mystery sound?


Great job! If you had fun, create another sound or switch spots and you guess a sound your partner creates.

Stanley student Levand tried this at home!


Stanley student Grace help explain!

Ever wish you could spend all day at a theme park designed just for you? If you could design the best ride you’ve ever taken, what would it look like? Is it a rollercoaster that goes upside down or has big drops? Do you like to get wet on water rides? Do you like to go high up in the air on a ferris wheel?


For this challenge create your dream theme park ride. Get creative - you can use anything in your house (check with an adult first), including big banner paper, pencil, crayons, blocks, legos, magnets, Minecraft, or items from your recycling bin. You can draw your ride or build something with other materials you have at home.  


Have fun!

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