TALL TOWER Challenge

This week our STEM challenge is to build a tower as tall as possible. You can use any materials that you can find in your home! Some examples might include building blocks, books, Q-tips or toothpicks, straws, tape, cardboard... walk around your house to find useful items but check if they are ok to use with your parents first! 

Level A:

Build a tower with anything you can find in your house - you can use toys like blocks or legos, pillows, rolled up blankets, books, or items from nature.

Level B:

Can you make it a “green” tower? Use only recyclable or compostable materials. Some examples are:  Cardboard boxes, rolls from paper towels or toilet paper, egg cartons, rolled up newspaper.


atom solid.png
beaker solid.png




How tall of a tower were you able to build? Document your tower with picture or short video and post to your schools' Celebrating Science Padlet!  Click on your school icon below to access Padlet. Don't forget to also check out the fun resources below. 

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Engineering with nature.  Click here

How to build a newspaper tower.  Click here.