Why Give

Hear directly from our students about what your support means to them.

Why our schools need private funding

For decades, California has failed to prioritize education. Despite having the fifth-largest economy in the world, the state ranks 41st of 50 in per-pupil funding, falling far short of what is needed to properly educate our children. In 1978, the passage of Prop 13—which redirected and reduced the amount of property taxes going to our local schools—was the first blow to our education system. In 2013, California restructured education funding with the Local Control Funding Formula, further limiting state funds earmarked for our schools.


Here in Lafayette, the numbers are stark. For example, the Lafayette School District received approximately $8,000 per student from state funds last year while spending in excess of $12,000 per student. That $4,000 difference is made up through parcel taxes and donations to LPIE. Without that support, education in Lafayette’s public schools would look a lot bleaker.

19_20 Comparative District Funding Updated1024_1.png

How LPIE impacts our students

Lafayette Partners in Education was founded by parents in 1980 to mitigate school funding cuts and allow for some local control. Over the years, the foundation has grown and expanded—not only in dollars raised, but in areas having direct impact in the classroom. Today, you will find LPIE’s influence in every classroom and every subject, from Transitional Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Why give to LPIE?

When you give to LPIE, it enables the foundation to provide money for essential academic programs and support in all of our schools. Your donations are put to work to bridge the financial gap left by state funding, providing monies for the additional educators, programs, technologies and supplies needed for every child to ensure a well-rounded and exceptional education. LPIE relies on parents, community members and local businesses to deliver on its financial commitments to our schools, providing the opportunity to make a lasting impact on our students.