Scott and Kirsten Jeffery

1190 Glen Road

Lafayette, CA 94549 


July 17, 2020

Dear Parents and Community Members,


Last year we had the privilege of co-chairing the Major Donor (“MD”) program for LPIE. We were blown away by the generosity of our Lafayette community, specifically our Major Donors! We had more families than ever contribute at the MD level. It is truly inspiring to see so many who believe so deeply in their children’s education.


This year LPIE celebrates 40 years of supporting our children, teachers and staff. This parent driven organization has rallied our community, together raising over $40 million. This is something that we can all be proud of!


But as our community reached new heights, we were blind-sided by a health and economic crisis not seen in the US in over 100 years. This brought an abrupt change to the end of the school year. Our dedicated teachers and administrators teamed up with parents to help our students finish the year in a virtual format. This was not without its challenges but considering the circumstances, we all rose to the occasion.


As we head into the Fall, enormous uncertainty remains. But what is certain is that our schools are facing significant budget challenges as the state deals with massive deficits. Our schools are going to need our help now more than ever. This is where LPIE comes in!


We expressed in our letter last year why being part of LPIE means so much to us. LPIE opened our eyes to what is really needed to give our children a quality, well-rounded education. LPIE impacts students through daily instruction, access to technology, everyday classroom supplies, and funding initiatives that focus on social, emotional, and mental health needs. 


As so many in our community do, we support the dialogue with the District about  diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our schools. LPIE already supports initiatives that address these important issues. We also know LPIE is exploring how it can further support DEI through ongoing conversations with the District.


So please join our family as Major Donors and help preserve the type of education that we expect in our community and our children deserve! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about the Major Donor program or the broader LPIE organization.


With Sincere Gratitude,


Scott & Kirsten Jeffery

Parents to Addy (13), Aiden (10), and AJ (8)

PS: to become a major donor, visit and to learn more about the benefits of the program visit Together, we will continue the legacy of supporting our children’s education. Thank you!

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