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LPIE is proud to announce a call for nominations for the Tom Mulvaney Legacy Award to honor those individuals, families, or businesses who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the LPIE mission.


It is with great appreciation and gratitude that we recognize Tom Mulvaney’s leadership, generosity, and dedication to strengthen our public schools. This award will seek those in our community that have made extraordinary contributions to LPIE and Lafayette’s public schools.


January 24th: Nominations open.

February 14th: Nominations close.

Late February/Early March: Nominations are reviewed by a committee.

March 25th: Winner announced.


  1. Embodies LPIE’s mission to support and enrich the education of every child in the Lafayette public schools.

  2. Displays leadership skills that inspire others. Helps create a vision for the future and helps others understand their role in achieving that vision.

  3. Has demonstrated a continuing commitment of their time, treasure, or energy to further LPIE’s mission.

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