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Meet Diamond Business Partner Paddy Kehoe

It takes an entire community to create the great schools for which Lafayette is known. That is why LPIE is proud to partner with local businesses. We talked with Paddy about his business and why he chooses to support our Lafayette public schools.

Why did you choose to become a Diamond Sponsor for LPIE?

When I moved from Ireland to the US, I chose Lafayette in large part because of the high-quality schools. Our schools wouldn’t be what they are today if it weren’t for the work that LPIE does to enrich and expand opportunities for students. Both of my own kids benefited from this work. Also, the quality of schools directly impacts home prices and the health of real estate so I want to give back as much as possible to LPIE and to our excellent education system.

How do you see education as a cornerstone of a community?

Education is the pulse of our community and what brought many Lafayette residents here to begin with. We share a common pride and interest in our schools so that our kids can thrive. As an added bonus, we are lucky to have such a robust extracurricular program here, which adds balance, individuality, and joy not just to our schools, but also to our town.

You are from Ireland. What brought you to Lafayette?

Before moving to America, I extensively researched the entire country, looking at things like weather, economic data, schools, recreation, etc. Lafayette was a clear winner for me and all these years later it still is.

What distinguishes you from other realtors?

In my previous life I was a real estate developer and builder and owned a high-end furniture store, all of which help me guide sellers to maximize the value of their property and buyers to spot opportunity. I have a strong understanding of residential real estate from many angles—construction, renovating, finance, market knowledge, selling—combined with 30+ years of experiencing anything and everything you can imagine in this business.

Tell us about your business/experience/team…anything else you would like to share!

Over the years my business has grown into a 6-person team of agents and operational support staff. We offer a full-service approach to real estate, helping buyers and sellers win in the ever changing marketplace. Lafayette real estate is not a one-size-fits-all situation—no two homes are the same and the market is constantly changing. Our team stays hungry, focused, flexible, and tapped into the market, reaping great rewards for our clients. The homes we sell consistently outperform the market average for price per square foot. We also have a reputation for treating our clients like family and doing whatever it takes to achieve their real estate goals.

Paddy’s commitment to this community is clearly evident. We applaud him for the substantial impact he is making for our students and schools this year through his generous donation. If you run into Paddy around town (or see him at one of his open houses), be sure to extend a huge thank you!

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