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Founding Cornerstone $5,000,000

Bret and Karen Taylor*

Cornerstone $1,000,000-$4,999,999​

The Mulvaney Family*


Leadership $350,000- $999,999

The Hamill Family*

The Werner Family*


Advocate $100,000- $349,999

The Cronk Family*

The Korpita Family* 

Meredith and Dan Meade*

Suzy Pak and Mark Gundacker* 

Katie and Matt Roberts*


Champion $50,000- $99,999

Kelly and Carrie Barlow* 

Sean Carr and Irene Lee*

The Deutscher Family*

Jen and Mario DiPrisco* 

The Fujimoto/Marchetti Family*

Dana and Todd Green*

The Hilsabeck Family*

The Jensen-Horne Family* 

Rick and Katrina Silvani in honor of Danielle Silvani, Sacha Silvani, Grace Gallagher and Lauren Gallagher*

Lisa and Joe Spiegler*

Supporter $25,000- $49,999

Michelle and Michael Berolzheimer*

Kathy and Rick Bowles*

The Chen/Nash Family*

Danielle and Sean Gallagher* 

Teresa and Michael Gerringer*

Marshall and Anne Grodin*

Daniel and Kimberly Grover*

Team Hiatt*

Daniel and Valerie Horowitz* 

The LaGrelius/Graham Family*

Parlett Family Trust*

Jacinta Pister and Richard Whitmore* 

Aaron, Monica, Alex, and Lucas Plaza*

The Pringle Family*

Emily and Dustin Seely*

Dave, Maya, Hunter, and Logan Smith* 

Brett and Marisa Wilson*

Rachel Zinn and Mike Bowers*

Anonymous (2)

Donor Up to $24,999

Kris Abdelmessih & Yinh Hinh

Gary & Aleli Anderson

Marielle Boortz

William & Elizabeth Brown

Samantha and Timothy Carter*

The Cristman Family

Daggs Family*

Tony and Julie Del Santo*

Gloria C. Duffy and Rod Diridon, Sr. and Family*

Angela Dunn Parker & Doug Parker

Lucinda Ely

Embleton Family*

Patricia and Daniel Emerson*

Roger & Patricia Falcone

Bob & Gail Ford

Margaret Ann Fowler

Noah & Carrie Garber

Matt & Meg Geist in honor of Tom Mulvaney

Karen S. Giorgianni

Dennis & Janet Govan

Hall Family*

Joe & Melinda Harmeyer

Mary Ann Hoisington

Roger & Nancy Hu

In Memory of Natalie Hiatt*

Bill & Mary Johnstone

The Kauzer Family

Dan Kim & Jenny Chong

Lapporte Family*

Albert & Virginia La Faille

Paul and Ellen Marienthal

Steve Moise

Adam & Alyson Moise

Morgan Family*

Doug & Annie Myers

Terry Neben & Philip Simon

Janiece Nolan

Roberta Palumbo & Arlene Woehl

Nancy & Jerry Rauch

Jim & Anna Reid

Stuart & Kim Robinson

Roger & Jeane Samuelsen

Ruth & Jack Sechler

Peter & Leslie Sitov

James & Amy Smith

Jean Tajima

Edmond Wagstaff & Leslie Golden

Jean & Peter Wick

Claudia Windfuhr

Anonymous (2)

* Foundational Family 

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